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History of Singles' Day (11.11) in China

November 11th has become a special festival in recent years. With four characters of “1”, this date is known as Singles' Day in China. With heavy promotions from businesses such as Alibaba, it has become now widely known as Double Eleven (or Double 11), signaling the most popular shopping festival among Chinese consumers.

On this day, young people will hold singles' parties to match couples or simply have fun. Some choose to end their single life status by showing love or proposing for marriage.

Double 11 FAQ

What is Double 11 in China?

Double Eleven is the largest shopping festival in China; also known as the “Bachelor’s Day Promotion” or Singles Day Promotion (Double 11) in China. Double 11 starts in October and reaches its peak on 11 November.

What does Double 11 mean?

"Double 11" refers to 11.11 or 11 November. "11" is the Chinese of the month November and hence the "Double 11".

When did Double 11 Festival Start?

In 2009, Alibaba held the first Double Eleven Shopping Festival on Taobao.com, storming the online shopping for the very first time. Three years later, with coming 2012's Bachelor’s Day, more than 10,000 businesses, cooperating with e-commerce sites, are poised to rock the shopping festival again. Now all online and offline retailers participate in this shopping festival.

How big is Double 11 Promotion?

Double 11 shopping festival offers Chinese consumers the largest promotion every year. Retailers and e-commerce companies rely a lot on this annual promotion for reaching huge revenues growth.

What marketing tactics are popular for Double 11?

Marketing is getting more complicated for Double 11, going beyond advertisements. Popular channels include Weibo, WeChat, online video, display ads, affiliates, etc. In recent years, live streaming and short videos are gaining popularity as an important channel for sales conversions.

In 2018, Viya, the so-called Taobao blogger who “earn a house in one night”, broke her own record in this year’s Tmall Double 11 with over 300 million yuan in sales. Check out 4 e-tailers’ Double 11 marketing tactics in 2018.

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